What Should You Take Into Account When Doing Smokey Eyes?

It’s no secret that this technique exudes a timeless and alluring charm, capable of transforming any look from ordinary to extraordinary. Yet, becoming proficient in the art of smokey eye makeup entails more than just a mere application of eyeshadow.

What should I pay attention to?

Eyeshadow Selection

When delving into the palette for your smokey eye transformation, aim for shades that harmonize. Think deep charcoals, intense blacks, or luscious plums for that foundational depth. But don’t overlook the importance of lighter transition hues; they’re the secret for achieving that perfectly blended, multi-dimensional allure.

Primer Using

Smoothly apply an eyeshadow primer to establish a flawless base, intensify color saturation, and thwart creasing for long-lasting wear.

Blending Technique

Achieve seamless blending by using gentle windshield wiper and circular motions, ensuring a smooth transition between colors and avoiding any harsh lines. Pay close attention to blending the edges for a soft and diffused appearance that enhances the overall gradient effect.

application of eyeshadow

Layering Technique

Gradually layer eyeshadows, beginning with lighter hues as a base and progressively intensifying with darker shades in the crease and outer corner. In this way you can infuse depth and dimension into your eyes.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Define your eyes by tracing the lash line with eyeliner, opting for classic black or deep brown for that timeless smokey allure. Finish off the look with volumizing mascara to lengthen and intensify your lashes, injecting a hint of drama for an overall captivating effect.


Illuminating the inner corners of your eyes and the brow bone using a shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter, you can add a touch of brightness and contrast to your smokey eye makeup.


It’s common to have some fallout or unintentional smudges around the eyes after applying eyeshadow, which can detract from the overall polished look of your smokey eye. Gently swipe away any fallout or smudges with a clean brush or wipe, ensuring that the edges of your eyeshadow remain sharp and defined.

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